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K & M Manufacturing Caterpillar Seat & Mechanical Suspension Kit

SKU KM-6863
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K & M Manufacturing Caterpillar Seat & Mechanical Suspension Kit

Use the Caterpillar Mechanical Suspension Kit featuring the Uni Pro™ - KM 1020 Seat & Suspension as a high quality seat and mechanical suspension assembly that is designed to fit Caterpillar® Equipment that require a 15' mounting pattern to add maximum comfort to keep you moving forward on every type of rough terrain thrown your way.


  • Heavy-duty Multi-Gray Cordura Fabric covering
  • 2 spring mechanical suspension
  • Backrest angle adjustment for individual fit
  • Contoured foam cushions to ensure operator comfort
  • 5-position lumbar support to help prevent lower back pain
  • 110 - 265 lb weight adjustment
  • 4' vertical suspension stroke
  • Seat height and tilt adjustment of 2.5' on right side of suspension
  • Adjustable slide rails with 8' of travel in 0.4' increments
  • Durable suspension cover to keep components free of dirt and dust
  • CAT adapter plate and mounting hardware included for easy installation

Ideal for Caterpillar® Excavators, Integrated Tool Carriers, Motor Graders, Pipelayers, Rigid Dump Trucks, Scrapers, Track Dozers and Wheel Loaders:

Excavators: 312L, 320L, 322L, 325L, 330L

Replaces Caterpillar® Excavator Part Numbers: 4l-7052, 5l-3649

Integrated Tool Carriers: IT14G, IT18B, IT18F, IT24F, IT28B, IT28F, IT28G, IT38F, IT38G, IT62G, IT62H

Replaces Caterpillar® Integrated Tool Carrier Part Numbers: 219-8096, 219-8094, 248-6194

Motor Graders: 12G, 12H, 14G, 14H, 14M, 16G, 16H, 16M, 24H, 24M, 120G, 120H, 120M, 135H, 140G, 140H, 140M, 143H, 160H, 160M, 163H

Replaces Caterpillar® Motor Grader Part Numbers: 219-8096, 200-3814, 238-6683, 241-1077, 243-6740, 302-8813, 302-8814, 6G3520, 8X2352, 8Y3911

Pipelayers: 561N, 572R, 583R, 583T, 587R, 587T

Replaces Caterpillar® Pipelayer Part Numbers: 159-2950, 160-7186

Rigid Dump Trucks (Off Highway): 769D, 770, 771D, 772, 773D, 773E, 773F, 775D, 775E, 775F, 776C, 776D, 777C, 777D, 777F, 784B, 784C, 785B, 785C, 789B, 789C, 793B, 793C, 793D, 797, 797B

Replaces Caterpillar® Rigid Dump Truck Part Numbers: 180-7310, 200-3172, 219-8093, 224-2677, 228-3351, 240-8716, 244-2803, 252-9713

Scrapers: 613G, 615G, 621B, 621E, 621G, 623B, 623E, 623G, 627B, 627E, 627G, 631C, 631D, 631E, 631G, 633G, 637C, 637D, 637E, 637G, 651E, 651G, 657E, 657G

Replaces Caterpillar® Scraper Part Numbers: 284-5895, 300-5533, 284-5903

Track Dozers: D3G, D4G, D5G, D5M, D5N, D6H, D6M, D6N, D6R, D7H, D7R, D8N, D8R, D8T, D9N, D9R, D9T, D10N, D10R, D10T, D11N, D11R, D11T

Replaces Caterpillar® Track Dozer Part Numbers: 159-2950, 159-2951, 160-7186, 220-8634, 200-3174, 261-7484, 261-753

Wheel Loaders: 914G, 924, 924F, 924G, 928F, 928G, 928H, 930G, 936E, 936F, 938F, 938G, 938H, 950E, 950F, 950G, 950H, 962G, 962H, 966C, 966D, 966E, 966F, 966G, 966H, 970F, 972G, 972H, 980C, 980F, 980G, 980H, 988B, 988F, 988G, 988H, 990, 990H, 992C, 992D, 992G, 994F, 994G

Replaces Caterpillar® Wheel Loader Part Numbers: 191-2996, 200-3174, 219-8090, 219-8091, 219-8094, 219-8096, 248-6193, 248-6194

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