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A True Sauna Specialist, We Distribute Quality Brands At Very Competitive Prices

The Sauna Boreal ® Infrarouge Signature combines high-end finishes with exclusive technology combining the best of infrared.

On the Exclusive Technology side : Sauna Boreal ® cabins simultaneously combine side and Carbon emitters (long IR-C waves) for quickly homogeneous heat in the cabin, and Total Spectrum infrared lamps (mixed IR-A, IR-B and IR-C) to penetrate more than 5 mm into the epidermis and thus provide deep relief to muscles and joints. Working simultaneously, you no longer have to choose between pleasure and muscle recovery. Quartz tube - full spectrum halogen IR lamp - tungsten filament

Side Exclusive Finishes  Ergonomic bench in Canadian red cedar, integrated ergonomic backrests in Canadian red cedar, LED Chromotherapy with color change, fixed color and intensity variation. High-end glass and carbon floor plate to warm the feet, Canadian Western Hemlock heart structure, digital console with Bluetooth, MP3, FM radio, time and temperature adjustment, with quick adjustment of transmitter intensity from 70 100%. 

Conditions of use  : indoors only, in a room heated to 20°C. 

See Features Below:

Exclusive Technology Dual Simultaneous Emitters   Quartz Tube - Full Spectrum Halogen IR Lamp - Tungsten Filament

  • 6 FULL SPECTRUM emitters: 4 dorsal (4 x 300W) + 2 at calf level  (2 x 500W)  to relieve muscles and joints in depth (IR A: 27% - IR B 58% - IR C 15%) .

  • 2 CARBON emitters (2 x 150W)  to quickly heat the cabin evenly (IR C 100%), in order to obtain the same sensations as in a Finnish sauna.

  • 1 underfloor heating (1 x 70W)
  • Fast cabin warm-up

  • Maximum total power of 2570 Watts with direct connection to a standard electrical outlet.

  • Structure in Canadian Hemlock wood. 

  • Chromotherapy: LED with color change, fixed color and variation of light intensity

  • Remote control: allows you to turn on / off and adjust all sauna functions

  • Ozone: Automatic ozone generation at the end of the session

  • Solid wood floor with glass plate and foot heating. 

  • Glazed front panel, 8mm tempered glass and stainless steel hinges

  • Internal digital console to control temperature, session time and music (FM, bluetooth, MP3).

  • Manual and automatic ventilation

  • Quick assembly without visible hinge (by interlocking)

  • Bench length: approx. 1120 mm

  • small sideexterior: approx. 780 mm

  • Door front: approx. 680 mm

  • Door opening: approx. 590 mm

  • Product weight: 213 kg


Guarantee 2 years electronics, 3 years   heating elements, 7 years structure
Heating   Power (in Watts) 2570W
Feed 220V
wave   type Full Spectrum (A,B,C) + Carbon   (C)
Operating   temperature 60°C
door   glass Glass 8 mm (fixed glass) 6 mm   (door glass)
Height   (cm) 200
Width   (cm) 130
Depth   (cm) 130
Weight   (kg) 213
Feed Single phase 230V 1N
Music Radio, Bluetooth and MP3   connection
Light Ambient light, double roof with   indirect light, LED chromotherapy with color change
Total   seats 3
Length   of warranty 2 years electronics, 3 years   transmitters, 7 years structure


Ability 2 to 3 people seated
Power of use Heats from 45 to 60°C with a total power of 2570W
Heat-tempered glass Glass 8 mm (fixed glass) 6 mm (door glass)
Bench + backrest 1 bench + designer backsplashes in Hemlok wood from Canada
Wood essence Western Hemlock wood interior and exterior from Canada
Chromotherapy LED with color change, fixed color and dimming
Equipment included Bluetooth digital console / FM radio / MP3
Ozone Automatic at the end of the session
Remote Switch on/off and set all sauna functions
Overall external dimensions (W x D x H cm) Angular 130 x 130 x H.200 cm (205 cm overall height and 215 cm height required for assembly)
Guarantee Product guaranteed for professional or domestic use.



- 230V power supply

- Circuit breaker required: 16A.

- Cable Section: 3 x 1.5mm² or 3 x 2.5mm²


3 packages total weight 225 kg

  • 1: 207x135x34.5cm (weight: 95kg)

  • 2: 207x85x21cm (weight: 66kg)

  • 3: 133.5x133.5x24cm (weight: 64kg)


  • Large outer sides: approx. 1300 mm

  • Short outer sides: approx. 780 mm

  • Door front: approx. 680 mm

  • Door opening: approx. 590 mm

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