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Sauna Hammam SAUNA BOREAL® EVASION 130 - 2 PLACES - 130*110*190 - MK51560123

SKU MK51560123
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A True Sauna Specialist, We Distribute Quality Brands At Very Competitive Prices

Interior + interior red cedar wood cladding. Solid red cedar benches. Harvia 3.5kW stove with external remote control included, Accessories included: Wooden bucket and ladle, thermometer, hygrometer, hourglass, lava stones

See Features Below:

  • Interior + interior red cedar wood cladding.

  • Solid red cedar benches 

  • Polyurethane wall and roof insulation and vapor barrier

  • 100% glazed design front panel with 10mm fixed glass and 8mm door.

  • Chromotherapy: Double roof with LED line with indirect lighting on the periphery + mood light

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 130 x 110 x 190 cm

  • Harvia 3.5kW stove with external remote control included 

  • Voltage: pre-wired in 220V single-phase with possibility of switching to 380V (3 Phases/Neutral/Earth) by modifying the wiring (flexible three-phase cable H07RN-F not supplied)

  • Digital control of sauna, lights, radio and Bluetooth

  • Designer stove protection in solid red cedar

  • Accessories included: Wooden bucket and ladle, thermometer, hygrometer, hourglass, lava stones


RED CEDAR ESSENCE:  Red cedar is probably the best wood for building a sauna. Also called Western Red Cedar, it comes exclusively from Canada. Each red cedar sauna is unique. Its colors are indeed varied and tend towards brown. It is a soft exotic wood (therefore easily sanded if necessary with abrasive paper) but almost rot-proof. It is also a wood that remains warm to the touch despite the ambient heat of the sauna. Finally, its recognizable essence fills the sauna with a delicious and powerful woody scent of cedar.

Guarantee 2 years electronics, 3 years   heating elements, 7 years structure
Heating   Power (in Watts) 3500
Feed 220V
Operating   temperature 90°C
door   glass 8mm thick safety glass
Height   (cm) 210
Width   (cm) 200
Depth   (cm) 170
Seat   depth around 50
Weight   (kg) 175
Total   places 2
Ability 2 seats
Total power 3.5kW
Safety glass 10 mm (fixed) and 8 mm (door)
Benches 1 comfort bench in solid red cedar wood (50 cm wide)
Wood essence Interior + interior red cedar wood cladding.
Solid red cedar benches
Chromotherapy Special high temperature LED strip around the roof with choice of colors or scrolling
Boreal Sauna Warranty Cabin for professional or domestic use
Dimensions (W x D x H cm) 130 x 110 x H.190 cm
Sauna walls 2 wooden panels of 7.5 mm each + polyurethane with aluminum vapor barrier in a 50 mm wooden frame.


2 pallets of approximately 135*80*210 cm of 9 packages. (175Kg net and 207Kg with packing).

  • 1x Roof, grating (cardboard): 124x124x18 cm

  • 1x Bench, backrest and wrist (cardboard): 127x59x22 cm

  • 1x Glass (cardboard): 182x67x13 cm 

  • 1x Front frame (cardboard): 195x27x22 cm 

  • 1x Left and right side panel: 192x131x14 cm 

  • 1x Sauna accessories: 63x41x46 cm 

  • 1x sauna stove: 51x32x38 cm 

  • 1x Lava stone: 39x29x13 cm

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