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Solar Breeze NX2 Solar Robot Pool Cleaner

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Solar Breeze NX2 Solar Robot Pool Cleaner

Key Features

  • Solar Breeze NX2 robot pool skimmer removes 90-95% of all pool debris.
  • Operates on solar power energy without hoses, cables or cords.
  • Cleans for several hours using sunlight charged Lithium Ion battery.
  • Reduces carbon footprint and wear and tear on pool's pump filter by 60%.
  • Filters water and sanitizes your pool as it skims.

The Solar-Breeze NX2 robot pool cleaner is the newest model of our 3-in-1 pool cleaner. Take your time back and let a robot keep your pool sparkling clean! Operating on free solar energy, the Solar-Breeze NX2 works almost around the clock to skim dirt and debris from the surface of your pool before it has a chance to sink and decay. The water passes through a fine mesh filter to remove bugs and dust, and leave your pool sparkling clean. An on-board chlorine tray holds two 3-inch chlorine tablets allowing the Solar-Breeze NX2 to sanitize your pool while it cleans.

This solar-powered robotic pool skimmer automatically removes over 90% of the debris from the surface of the pool BEFORE it decays and sinks to the bottom. As a result, there is less bacteria growth in your pool, less filtration and sanitation is required and you will never hand-skim your pool again. Most pool cleaning systems are designed to clean the pool from the bottom after debris and dust have become water logged and sink.

How It Works

  • There are no cords, hoses or attachments required. Simply place the Solar-Breeze NX2 in your pool, and turn the switch to the “ON” position. It operates automatically all day long when most pool filtration systems are idle, keeping your pool surface sparkling clean.

 Battery Life

  • It uses a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that is charged in the sunlight during the daytime. The unit collects 5 times more power than is required to run the unit. The surplus power is stored in a rechargeable battery. When the sun goes down the unit switches to battery power and operates most of the night.

Energy Consumption Benefits

  • Less material needs to be cleaned from the bottom of your pool and less bacteria grows in your pool during the day when most people have their filtration system turned off. Therefore, Solar-Breeze owners are able to reduce their pool pump run time by as much as 60%. This results in a substantial monthly savings on your energy bill.

    Pool pumps are often the second largest consumer of electricity in a home, after the AC and heating system, especially in sunbelt regions. Since Solar-Breeze allows pool owners to reduce the pool pump usage, it also helps to reduce the carbon footprint associated with running your pool filtration system.

Improvements Made on the NX2 Compared to NX

 · The NX2 uses polycarbonate as a base material rather than the polypropylene blend used in the NX. Has a much higher natural resistance to UV deterioration and also a better fit and finish of the product. 

· The software has been improved to make it more sensitive to understanding when it is stuck on obstructions and escaping from those obstructions. Reverse navigation speed has increased so that the unit will back-up slightly further when it is in reverse.

· The debris tray is also made out of a combination of poly carbonate and ABS. This change in material results in the trays being more consistently straight. Also re-designed is the slide mechanisms where the tray slides into the unit so that it is easier to install and remove, and locks into place when properly installed.

· The depth of the pontoon has been increased at the rear of the unit to raise it up out of the water slightly to reduce the drag from the rear paddle wheel and reduce the amount of energy required to move the unit through the water.

· The gear mechanism of the front gear platforms that drive both the front paddle wheel and the bumper wheels has been redesigned so it runs more smoothly and draws less power. This should also extend the life of these components.

· The motor gear-box is has been redesigned to reduce motor noise and increase longevity for the motor/gearbox assembly.

Power Source: Two (2) 6-Watt (combined 12W) photovoltaic solar panels

Power Storage: 1 water-proofed 5300mAh 7.4 V Lithium Ion battery

Max Run Time: per day mid-summer in sunbelt states 23.5 hours

Product Dimensions (Inches): 22 X 20 X 7.5 in

Weight: 11 LBS

Warranty: 1 Year Limited 


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