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The Outdoor Plus Color Swatch Guide

Classic GFRC Collection

T.O.P's classic smooth concrete finishes are some of the strongest out there. T.O.P's proprietary formula allows us to create an extremely durable product that also saves weight when compared to standard concrete. Unlike other concrete products on the market, T.O.P's products are colored all the way through. That means any surface damage that may occur is minimized whereas others only paint the surface of their white concrete leaving eyesores when chipped or scuffed. T.O.P's tinted sealers also help prevent water absorption and minimizes color variation so that you receive what you see in T.O.P's images.

Premium Rustic Finishes & Premium Metallic Finishes

TOP's Premium Rustic Finishes are the latest options to T.O.P's
line of GFRC finish options. Each product with rustic finish is unique for a more organic-stone look. The texture is only a couple millimeters deep, ensuring the same structural integrity as out smooth GFRC finishes.

TOP's Premium Metallic Finishes glimmer beautifully in the light and mimics the look of an anodized finish. T.O.P's metallic finishes can be applied to any of T.O.P's GFRC concrete products. It it designed to retain its shine and protect the concrete from harsh UV rays and natural outdoor elements,

Classic Powder Coat Collection

TOP's Powder Coat finishes are UV resistant, discoloration resistant and are designed to protect against natural elements such as wind & moisture. The finishes are strong enough to resist damage from every day use, and
will not chip or crack under normal use.

Premium Wood Grain Finishes

TOP's Concrete Wood Grain Finishes are designed to give a realistic wood look without the downsides of natural wood. Each unit is stained and finished by hand for a unique & realistic wood-grain look. Wood grain texture units retain all the structural integrity as T.O.P's smooth and rustic finishes to ensure the unit lasts for years to come.