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Twister T4 Wet & Dry Variable Speed Control Automatic Bud Trimming Machine with Trim Saver Vacuum

by Twister
SKU Twister.T4.With.Trim.Saver.Vacuum
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Twister T4 Variable Speed Wet & Dry Automatic Bud Trimmer Machine

The Twister T4 transforms the game by using advanced, patent-pending trimming technology to do the work so you don’t have to.

The Twister T4 was designed and engineered surpass the strict standards of the most meticulous medical facilities. The T4’s anodized aluminum and stainless steel design is lightweight but produces heavyweight results for any sized production.

Stop spending hours, days, or even weeks to hand trim your crop, the same results or even better can now be accomplished in a matter of hours with the T4.

What's Included (Standard)

  • Twister T4 Trimming Machine
  • Twister T4 Tumbler (Standard 1/4' Tumbler or Standard 1/4' Tumbler and Narrow 3/16' Tumbler)
  • Twister T4 Trim Saver Vacuum
  • Twister T4 Trim Saver Stand
  • T4 Trim Saver Collector Bag, White 70 Micron (Inner Bag)
  • T4 Trim Saver Collector Bag, White 40 Micron (Outer Bag)
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Adaptability

    Scheduling the trim team to match the harvest schedule is always tough. Add that to the unpredictable nature of harvests on any scale, especially medium to large, takes trial and error to find what works for your particular harvest scenario.

    The Twister T4 helps alleviate that pressure by adjusting to the variability in cultivar characteristics, like flower quality, size, and density keeping you on top of your harvest schedule so you can focus on other aspects of the business.

    36 Machines for the Price of 1

    With six settings each for both the tumbler and the blade, the new T4 standard with Speed Control gives you thirty-six trimming styles in one quality machine. Adaptability is critical, and as each strain differs, you can set your trim settings to your harvest needs. 

      Trim Both Wet & Dry

      • Hand trim quality with machine trim speed
      • Achieve a gentle and softer trim
      • Reduce flower wall crawl and time in the tumbler
      • Trim low-density flower you used to hand trim

      Superior Wet Trim Capability

      Wet flower is denser and more flexible because of its higher moisture content. This makes it more resilient when trimming and allows the choice to increase the blade and tumbler speed to maximize blade contact to achieve a tighter trim.

      Variable Speeds

      Dry Trimming? Dry flower is lighter, more fragile and can be difficult to dial in the ideal 10-13% moisture content for optimal trimming. Reducing the tumbler speed and vacuum suction will allow a more gentle & softer trim, enabling you to trim even those low-density, delicate flowers you used to hand trim.

      Harvest With Confidence

      The T4 was built to meet the demands of medium to large scale operations and its reputation holds true. Its versatility, mobility, trim quality and ease of use has made the T4 the number one purchased trimmer, not only in the Twister lineup but across the industry.

      Minimize Downtime

      We’ve created a pharmaceutical and food-grade stainless steel version designed specifically for continuous harvest cycles and high cleanliness environments.

      Easier Cleanup

      The T4 Stainless Steel makes it easy to maintain compliance with the most rigorous health and sanitation standards. We’ve made an already easy to clean machine, even easier! With it’s minimal, easy to wipe down design and the ability to withstand direct high-pressure washing and harsh chemicals, the T4 Stainless Steel option minimizes effort and time spent cleaning.

      Less Maintenance 

      The T4 Stainless Steel uses high-end Swedish bearings that require no greasing, are sealed for life and designed specifically for high-performance, continuous duty cycle environments.

      Strength in Numbers

      Run in configurations up to 3 in a row, for a total production speed of up to 81 lbs/hr! Start with one, add a second, and when you’re ready slide in the third. No additional labor required!

      The Ultimate Power Couple

      The Trim Saver™ is a revolution in trim collection and preservation and provides maximum separation efficiency of trim, collecting over 90% of your product in a food-safe, easy to clean, stainless steel collection bin.

      The Trim Saver™ uses radial cyclone technology to collect your valuable trim, effectively bypassing the impeller used in traditional vacuum-based trim collection systems to provide extract ready trim to maximize your revenue.

      Nitrided Blades

      • Hardened steel
      • Increased tensile strength
      • Increased corrosion resistance
      • Increased wear resistance
      • Less wear on blades
      • Less buildup on the blades
      • Blades stay sharp longer
      • Materials are approved for contact with food products

      Twister T4 Product Details

      • Input Voltage 115V, 60 hz
      • Current Draw 2.5A
      • Blade Motor 200W 
      • Tumbler Motor 6W 
      • Cut Height 0.40” / 1mm
      Type Tumbler
      Material Wet & Dry
      Capacity 23 lbs
      Performance Wet
      23 lb/hr
      Performance Dry 7 lb/hr
      Feed Type Continuous
      Dimensions 25' x 15' x 16.5'
      Weight 56 lbs
      Voltage 115V
      Warranty 3 years


      • Lightweight
      • Portable with its two-piece design
      • Adjustable feet to allow incline
      • 304 stainless steel tumbler to mitigate risk of contamination
      • Nitrided steel blades increase strength and resistance and decrease buildup
      • Stainless steel high air flow guard
      • Scale up to 3 wet / 2 dry in a row

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