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Sports Attack's Guide to Pitching Excellence

Pitch Perfect: A Comprehensive Guide to Sports Attack Pitching Machines

Sports Attack

For coaches, players, or parents aiming to boost baseball or softball training, a pitching machine is invaluable. Among the leading brands in this field is Sports Attack, known for its quality and innovation. This guide will help you choose the right pitching machine, with a spotlight on Sports Attack models that could suit your needs.

The Flagship Models: Junior Hack Attack and Hack Attack

At the forefront of Sports Attack's lineup are the Junior Hack Attack and Hack Attack machines. Their superior accuracy and durability set them apart from other machines, earning acclaim in the baseball training community.

Innovative Three-Wheel Design

Most Sports Attack machines, including the Junior Hack Attack and Hack Attack, feature a three-wheel design. This configuration provides enhanced grip on the ball, resulting in more accurate pitches compared to single or double-wheel options.

The Hack Attack Pitching Machine

As a standout product, the Hack Attack offers consistent strikes, challenging breaking pitches, and remarkable durability. It's the preferred choice for many college and professional teams, despite its higher price point. The machine's capability to throw up to 100 MPH for baseball and 80 MPH for softball makes it a high-performance tool for advanced training.

Special Features of Sports Attack Machines

Quick Recovery Time: The three-wheel models like Junior Hack Attack and Hack Attack boast almost instantaneous recovery time, with a recommended 3-5 second interval between pitches. The Blast Attack, while slightly slower, still outperforms other single-wheel options.

Superior Wheels: A key highlight is the longevity of their wheels, which have never needed replacement due to wear or weather damage. This consistency is attributed to high-quality components and stable air pressure, ensuring accurate pitches every time.

Heavier, Stable Machines: Contrary to intuition, the heavier design of these machines is a benefit. The added mass absorbs recoil, enhancing accuracy. Transport wheels are included to balance this increased weight, ensuring portability.

Wheel Guards for Safety: Each model comes with throwing and front wheel guards. These features not only protect users but also safeguard the machine against direct hits, ensuring longevity and safety during use.

Why Sports Attack Stands Out: Consistency

The hallmark of Sports Attack lies in its consistency. The brand has built a reputation for delivering reliable machines that maintain performance over time. Customers report their machine's wheels lasting over a decade, a testament to the exceptional durability and accuracy Sports Attack offers.

Most Popular Sports Attack Machines

Junior Hack Attack: An affordable three-wheel option, it delivers all the benefits of this design, minus the top speeds of more expensive models. It throws up to 70 MPH for baseball (60 MPH for softball), making it a cost-effective choice for diverse training needs.


  • Speed - 70+ MPH
  • Distance - 45 ft. (simulates 90+ MPH)
  • Fungo - 250 ft. fly balls
  • Portability - Quickly rolls on and off the field
  • Vision - Complete ball vision provides a realistic sense of timing

Hack Attack: The top choice for many colleges and professional teams, it combines consistency, variety in pitches, and durability, justifying its higher cost.


  • Speed - 80+ MPH
  • Distance - 43 ft.
  • Fungo - 250 ft. fly balls
  • Portability - Quickly rolls on and off the field
  • Vision - Underhanded motion and complete ball vision provides a realistic sense of timing

I-Hack Attack: After a hiatus for upgrades, the I-Hack has returned with advanced features like a customizable touch screen for setting pitch types, speeds, and sequences. It's a premium option for those seeking technology-aided training.


  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Advanced Software Program.
  • Pitch Locators
  • Three-wheel Design
  • Tripod Base Insures Real Stability
  • Heavy Enough To Absorb Recoil


Sports Attack has firmly established itself as a leader in the pitching machine market. Their range of machines, from the versatile Junior Hack Attack to the technologically advanced I-Hack Attack, caters to various training needs and budgets. The brand's emphasis on durability, safety, and consistent performance makes it a top choice for enhancing baseball and softball training programs.

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