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A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Wooden Stove for Your Home

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Wooden Stove for Your Home

How to choose the best wooden stove

Wooden stoves have warmed our homes and hearts for centuries, offering not just heat but also a cozy ambiance. Whether you're considering installing a new wooden stove or upgrading your existing one, the right choice can make a world of difference. In this comprehensive guide, we'll help you navigate the key factors when selecting the best wooden stove for your home, ensuring you make a well-informed decision.

Understanding Wooden Stoves

Wooden stoves are timeless heating appliances that burn wood or wood-derived fuel to provide heat. These stoves have evolved over the years, becoming more efficient and eco-friendly. Wooden stoves offer not only warmth but also a cost-effective way to heat your home.

Types of Wooden Stoves

There are several types of wooden stoves, including traditional wood-burning stoves, pellet stoves, and multi-fuel stoves. Each type has unique features and advantages, so it's crucial to choose the one that aligns with your needs.

Modern stoves from Drolet use dry cordwood as their fuel type . This means that they burn wood that has been cut, split, and dried for at least one year. Dry cordwood has a moisture content of less than 20%, which makes it burn more efficiently and cleanly than green or wet wood. Dry cordwood also produces more heat and less smoke, creosote, and ash, which reduces the risk of chimney fires and improves the air quality. Dry cordwood is a renewable and carbon-neutral fuel source, as it releases the same amount of carbon dioxide as the tree absorbed during its growth. Check out some Drolet stoves below.

The Energy-Efficiency of Wooden Stoves

According to a review by Penn State Extension, wood heat can be a very cost-effective alternative to electric heat. For example, if you are paying $0.10 per KWH for energy charges plus delivery charges, fees, and taxes, wood pellets would save you about 50 percent on your heating bill, and Dry cordwood would save even more.

In term of Efficiency Drolet HT3000 excels on this front. With an efficiency rating of up to 78%, it maximizes the energy derived from your wood, ensuring every log contributes to your comfort. This efficiency not only reduces the frequency of wood replenishment but also makes it an environmentally responsible choice by producing more heat from less wood, effectively lowering your carbon footprint.


  • Heating Capacity: Up to 2,700 sq. ft.
  • Firebox Size: 3.4 cubic feet.
  • Efficiency: Up to 78%.
  • Emissions: Low at 1.32 g/h.
  • Burn Time: Up to 10 hours per load.
  • Heat Output: 110,000 BTUs.
  • Design: Contemporary.
  • Ideal Use: Medium to large spaces, cold climates.

Essential Considerations for Choosing a Wooden Stove

1. Determine Your Heating Needs

Start by assessing the size of the area you intend to heat and your specific heating requirements. Whether it's primary heating for your entire home, supplemental heating for specific rooms, or simply creating a cozy ambiance, understanding your heating needs is the first step in selecting the right wooden stove.

2. Consider Stove Size and Capacity

Select a stove that's appropriately sized for your space. A stove that's too small won't provide sufficient heat, while an oversized stove may lead to overheating. Ensure the stove's heating capacity matches the room size.

3. Select the Right Fuel Type

Choose between a wood-burning stove, a pellet stove, or a multi-fuel stove. Each type has distinct advantages, including considerations regarding fuel availability, convenience, and environmental impact.

4. Evaluate the Stove's Efficiency

Look for stoves with high efficiency ratings. Modern wooden stoves are designed to burn wood more cleanly and efficiently, reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

5. Safety and Certification

Prioritize safety by selecting a stove that complies with safety standards and regulations. Look for stoves that are certified by relevant authorities to ensure safe operation.

6. Aesthetics and Design

Wooden stoves come in various styles and designs to match your home's aesthetics. Consider the stove's appearance and how it complements your interior decor.

How to calculate the area to be heated?

To determine the area to be heated, calculate 100% of the area of the floor on which the wood burning stove is installed, plus 50% of the floor above, plus 25% of the next storey, if there is one. For example, a wood stove installed in the basement of an 800 ft 2-storey house will give 1,400 ft of theoretical area to be heated. Certain factors such as humidity, the quality of the wood, the chimney and the weather will influence the performance of your stove daily. To compensate for these variable factors that influence the performance of your stove, it is advisable to add to the surface area calculated beforehand, 15% in an optimum environment and up to 35% in a less favorable environment.  

Optimum Environment Less Favorable Environment
Used mainly for ambient purposes Sustained use of the stove
Well-insulated home Poorly insulated home
Good air circulation throughout the rooms Poor air circulation in heated room
Approximately 200 ft² Approximately 400 ft² to 600 ft²

Key Features of Modern Wooden Stoves

Modern wooden stoves offer a range of advanced features, including:

  • High-efficiency combustion, reducing emissions and fuel consumption.
  • Cleanburn technology, minimizing smoke and particulate emissions.
  • Airwash systems to keep the glass clean for a clear view of the flames.
  • Remote control and programmable features for added convenience.
  • Eco-friendly design, utilizing sustainable materials and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes.

Where to Find Best Wooden Stoves

When searching for the perfect wooden stove for your home, it's essential to consider reputable stove retailers and dealers. One noteworthy option you should explore is Drolet wood stoves.

Drolet, a respected Canadian company, specializes in manufacturing high-efficiency wood stoves, pellet stoves, and accessories. Their stoves are known for their durability, performance, and environmental friendliness. Drolet wood stoves are designed to burn wood more efficiently, produce less smoke and ash, and meet the strictest emission standards in North America.

Many satisfied customers have praised Drolet wood stoves for their quality and Backyard Provider for customer services. Be sure to check customer reviews, compare prices, and inquire about installation services when considering a Drolet wood stove.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the perfect wooden stove for your home is a significant decision. It should be based on your heating needs, available space, and personal preferences. Wooden stoves not only provide efficient and reliable heat but also add a touch of charm to your living space. When chosen wisely and maintained properly, a wooden stove can become the heart of your home, providing warmth and comfort for years to come. Explore the available options and find the perfect wooden stove to enhance the coziness and functionality of your home.

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