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Difference Between Portable Power Station and Power Bank - Backyard Provider

Differences Between A Portable Power Station & A Power Bank | Backyard Provider

Differences Between A Portable Power Station & A Power Bank - Backyard Provider

Have you experienced your electronic device’s battery dying out while you are away from your home or office? If yes, then you know exactly how annoying it is to not have any means to recharge your device batteries in the hour of need. 

The Backyard Provider understands this frustration very well. That is why we offer EcoFlow River Pro portable power station and EcoFlow Delta power station for you. These portable power stations will save you from discharged electronic devices and equipment when you are away from conventional power sources.

What Is A Portable Power Station?

A portable power station is a rechargeable generator powered by a battery. Portable power stations are normally equipped with different kinds of outlets, including AC outputs, DC car outputs, and USB charging ports.


These outlets and ports enable portable power stations to have multiple applications. They can charge your electronic devices and home appliances, including your smartphones, appliances, and laptops. Thus, the EcoFlow portable power station provides clean and green energy and power whenever you are out of your home. So, you do not have to worry about inoperable devices due to discharged batteries.

What Is A Power Bank?

A power bank is a charging device. It needs to be charged through a wall outlet. It stores electric energy and uses it to charge your electronic devices, like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more. You just have to use the appropriate cables to connect your devices to the power bank and it will start charging your required device.

What Are the Differences Between A Portable Power Station And A Power Bank?

The portable power stations and power banks have four notable differences even though they perform the same function essentially.

1. Size And Weight

Power banks usually weigh less than 2 pounds and are more compact. Whereas portable power stations usually weigh more than 10 pounds. For instance, the EcoFlow River portable power station is approximately the size of a boombox stereo and weighs slightly more than 11 pounds.  

2. Output

Portable power stations store more power to handle more wattage appliances. For example, EcoFlow Delta Pro portable power station can handle up to 3600 W AC output. This means that it can also charge your refrigerator, television, hair dryer, coffee maker, and more. In contrast, a power bank cannot do this as it has a low output range.

3. Capacity

A portable power station has more capacity as compared to a power bank. For instance, EcoFlow Delta max portable power station has a capacity of 1200 Wh. Whereas power banks commonly have a low capacity range, from 2000 to 10,000 mAh.

4. Recharging Options

Portable power stations also have the solar recharging option. Take the EcoFlow Delta Pro power station as an example. This EcoFlow power station can also be charged by using solar panels. In contrast, power banks depend on grid energy to recharge themselves. So, a power bank has less off-the-grid freedom.

Get The Best Power Banks From Backyard Provider

If you want to buy the best power banks for you or your family, you can simply browse the products offered by Backyard Provider and find one perfect for your needs!

  • Weight: 2 pounds

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 8.5 x 3.5 x1.3 inches

  • Outputs:

    • 3X Qi Wireless Charger – 10W / 5W /2W

    • 2X USB-A Ports – 5V @ 2.4A Each

    • 1X USB-C Port – PD 60W / 85W

  • Input: via USB-C (USB - C Charging Cable & Adapter Included)

  • Charge Time (Wall): 1.5+ hours

  • Weight: 1.2 pounds

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 6.8 X 3.7 X1 inches

  • Outputs:

    • 1X Qi Wireless Charger – 10W

    • 2X USB-A Ports – 5V @ 3A Each

    • 1X USB-C Port – 5V @ 3A

  • Input: Micro USB or via USB- C (Micro USB / USB Charging Cable Included)

  • Charge Time (Wall):    8+ hours

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Certification: FCC Part 15 Subpart B, RoHS, CE

The Working Of A Portable Power Station

A battery, inverter, and charge controller are the three main components of a portable power station. The battery cells in the portable power station store electricity in its batteries for later use whenever required. The inverter converts DC power from the battery into AC power, which is used by your devices and appliances. 

The purpose of the charge controller is to protect the battery from overcharging. Other common features in a portable EcoFlow power station include DC outlets, USB ports, and built-in wheels or handles for smooth portability.

Advantages Of Portable Power Stations

There are many advantages of EcoFlow portable power stations. They provide an all-in-one power solution. You can charge everything, from your electronic devices to your small household appliances, with portable power stations. 

As the name suggests, they are portable because of their light weight and added wheels and handles. They are rechargeable with the help of many different power sources. These sources include regular power outlets at home, solar energy, cigarette-socket in your vehicle, and more.

The EcoFlow Delta products also come with a mobile application that you can use to monitor, manage, and control your power stations, power kits, and more via a WiFi or Bluetooth connection. Many products in the EcoFlow Delta series are certified. These certifications include UL, CE, FCC, RoHS,  TELEC, and others.

Disadvantages Of Portable Power Stations

Despite the above-mentioned advantages, portable power stations have some disadvantages as well. They do not come at cheap prices. They are a costly investment, but they last you a long time. 

Some portable power stations weigh up to 80 pounds, making them not so easily portable. They take a while to charge up to their full capacity. And if you are relying on sunlight, they may take even more time to charge. 

Get Your Personal EcoFlow Power Station Now From Backyard Provider!

We have you covered if you want to buy a portable power station immediately! Backyard Provider offers a wide range of EcoFlow Delta and River products, from which you can choose the best product that fits your needs.

  • Dimensions: 15.7 x 8.3 x 11 in / 400 x 211 x 281 mm

  • Weight: 27 lbs / 12 kg

  • Capacity: 1024Wh

  • Battery: LFP chemistry, 3000 cycles to 80% capacity

  • Connection: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

  • Connection: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wired

  • Net Weight: Approx. 99lbs/45kg

  • Dimensions: 25*11.2*16.4 in/63.5*28.4*42cm

  • Battery Chemistry: LFP

  • Cycle Life: 6,500 cycles to 50% capacity, 3,500 cycles to 80% capacity

  • Extra Battery: Support up to two DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery/Smart Generator

  • Battery Chemistry: NCM

  • Cycle Life: 800 cycles to 80% capacity

  • Shelf Life: 1 year (after a full charge)

  • Connection: Wi-Fi

  • Net Weight: Approx. 48lbs

  • Dimensions: 19.6*9.5*12 in

  • AC Output: 6 outlets, 2400W total (Surge 5000W)

  • Dimensions:    9.8" x 5.5" x 5.2" inches

  • Weight: 6.3 lbs

  • Warranty: 24-Month Warranty

  • Cell Type: NCM

  • Pack Capacity: 210Wh (25.2V)

  • Shelf-life: 1 Year (after fully charged)

  • Dimensions: 28.9 x 18.0 x 19.6 cm

  • Weight: 17.6 lb (8 kg)

  • Warranty: 24-Month Warranty

  • Pack Capacity: 720Wh

  • Shelf-life: 1 Year (after fully charged)

  • Dimension: 245 x 214 x 142 mm

  • Weight: 3.5Kg

  • Connection: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

  • Capacity: 256Wh

  • AC Input: 360W, Recharge from 0% to 100% in 60 mins

  • Solar Input: 110W, 11-30V 8A Max

I discovered this business online. I ordered an EcoFlow RIVER Pro Power Station from them. This generator is solidly constructed, reliable and very well-reviewed. The price at Backyard Provider was quite competitive. Best of all is the customer service at Backyard, which is amazing. I will definitely be a repeat customer.


Final Remarks

And here, you have a comprehensive guide on portable power stations and how they are similar to and different from power banks. If you want to buy a top-quality EcoFlow River Pro portable power station or EcoFlow Delta power station, we have got you covered with a huge range of products. EXPLORE OUR PRODUCT RANGE NOW and get your power sources sorted out for future off-the-grid travels and emergencies!


Q. Why do you need a portable power station?

Portable power stations are very handy for you. They can charge medical equipment, smartphones, radios, household appliances, laptops, and more during emergencies. They can charge multiple devices at the same time for your convenience.

Q. How long does a portable power station usually last?

Portable power stations are very handy for you. They can charge medical equipment, smartphones, radios, household appliances, laptops, and more during emergencies. They can charge multiple devices at the same time for your convenience.

Q. Which one is better, a power bank or a power station?

It all depends on your needs. If you only need a charger for your smartphone on the go, then a power bank is a good choice. But a power station will be better for you if you need a power source for outdoor camping, emergency backups, field trips, or anything else.

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