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Aims Power Solar Kit Hybrid Inverter Charger, Battery Bank & Solar Panels 4.6 kW Inverter Output | 200 Amp Stored Battery Power | 4620 Watt Solar Panels - KIT-HY46SOL

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Current price $12,275.99


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At Aims Power, We’re Passionate About Designing And Developing Off-grid And Renewable Energy Solutions.

This powerful kit provides power to homes and businesses at all times!  Introducing the NEW complete hybrid inverter, solar and battery kit for grid tie, off grid, net metering, load share and generator power applications. Now you can net meter or be off grid using this efficient, powerful solution.

This kit is offered in 4.6kw inverter, large battery bank and 4620 watts of solar OR 9.6kw inverter, large battery bank and 9900 watts of solar.

See Features Below:

  • Hybrid inverter charger 4600 watt – Qty 1

  • Solar panels monocrystalline 330 watt each – Qty 14

  • Inverter to battery cables 20FT set – Qty 1

  • 12V AGM 200 Amp Hour – Qty 12

  • Jumper cables 1FT for battery connection (series)

  • Battery cables 3FT for battery series connection (series)

  • Fuse and fuse holder

  • All PV wires included

The AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter gives you complete control and autonomy over your own power needs because that is exactly what homeowners deserve. The hybrid inverter also includes an APP for remote monitoring which is easy to set up and operate using your cell phone. No matter where you are, you will have the ability to do exactly as you see fit with your power.

With the easy to use digital touch screen display, the hybrid inverter can be set up using the following simple modes for your convenience:

  • Self-Use – The panels will power the electrical loads first, for FREE and any excess energy is then used to recharge a battery bank. The remaining energy will go back to the grid.

  • Selling First – The panels will power the loads first and any excess energy will go back to the grid.

  • Charge First – The panels will charge the battery bank first and any excess energy will then power the electrical loads for FREE. The remaining energy will go back to the grid. This setting will also allow you to use solar and grid to recharge the batteries if the solar panels can’t produce enough power to charge the batteries.

We think that being “free” means that you have the right to always have the ball in your court. We have created a product that empowers customers to finish the initial job that they started when they installed solar panels on their homes. Our Hybrid Inverter is the final step in taking back control of your power portfolio and we believe that it will revolutionize your ability to live life on your own terms.

PV INPUT PIHY4600 – 4600 WATT (4.6kW)
Max Input Power (kW) 6.9
Max PV Voltage (V) 660
MPPT Range (V) 80-550
Normal Voltage 360
Startup Voltage 100
Max Input Current (A) 15.5 x 2
Max Short Current (A) 26 x 2
Max Charge/Discharge Power (kW) 6.9 | 6.9
Max Charge/Discharge Current(A) 50
Battery Voltage (V) 230
Battery Voltage Range(V) 80- 495
Battery Type Lithium | Lead
Max Continuous Power(kVA) 4.6
Max Continuous Current(A) 19.5 | 22.5
Nominal Grid Voltage (V) 211 to 264 @ 240 | 183 to 229 @ ...>


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