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DELTA Pro Ultra with Battery + Smart Home Panel 2

by EcoFlow
Sold out
Original price $7,499.00
Original price $7,499.00 - Original price $7,499.00
Original price $7,499.00
Current price $6,899.99
$6,899.99 - $6,899.99
Current price $6,899.99


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Ecoflow Delta Pro Ultra with Battery + Smart Home Panel 2

The New Ecoflow Delta Pro Ultra Coming in January 2024! - Submit your email to be the first to own! 

Pre-orders may be available in Early January 2024. Expected arrival late January 2024

Experience the power of Ecoflow Delta Pro Ultra, the ultimate power station. Capacity ranges from 6kWh to 90kWh with 7.2kW to 21.6kW output, allowing you to power almost any application. A generous 120V and 240V output gives you the flexibility to look after both your home and your work. Get ready to find out what true power feels like!

Ecoflow Delta Pro Ultra

What is DELTA Pro Ultra?

DELTA Pro Ultra is our most powerful solution to date. As well as huge energy storage and a flexible setup designed to fit any home or power need, DELTA Pro Ultra embraces solar to ensure your entire home runs smoothly during an outage for up to one month of uninterrupted power.

Month-long power security

6kWh-90kWh Capacity

Scalable from one battery of 6kWh, all the way to 15, it multiplies the energy to a gigantic 90kWh. For a standard North American household, that's over 30 days of essential power secured.

One unit, all appliances covered.

7.2kW-21.6kW, 120V & 240V Output

One inverter has an exceptional 7200W output, peaking at 10.8kW for 10 seconds, allowing you to run almost any household appliance, even a 3-ton central air conditioner[1]. Pair with the Smart Home Panel 2 and triple the inverters for an incredible 21.6kW AC output, allowing you to live life to the fullest, even during an outage.

Delta Ultra Delta Pro soalr Generator

With tons of outlets, including a 30A socket, DELTA Pro Ultra combines its power with a portable design to run your most load-heavy machines. DELTA Pro Ultra guarantees a total 7200W output even during charging.

Ecoflow Delta Pro Ultra Solar Generator

One-hour solar is a one-day powered home.

5.6kW-16.8kW Solar Input

Using a combination of high and low-voltage PV input, a single inverter achieves an incredible 5.6kW. With the help of 3 inverters and 42× 400W solar panels[2], triple the input to an epic 16.8kW so you can generate an entire day's worth of energy in just 1 hour.

DELTA Pro Ultra allows you to customize your power using a flexible or rooftop solar system and make energy independence a reality.

Ecoflow Delte Pro Ultra Powerstation

Unlock advanced backup with Smart Home Panel 2

ATS, Extended Backup, and Bill Savings in One

With Smart Home Panel 2's rapid automatic switchover, you'll never even notice the grid was down. Use the EcoFlow app to prioritize specific circuits in your home, extending your backup even longer.

For more than just blackouts, it intelligently analyses your home power usage to offset peak rates while utilizing solar to lower energy bills.


1. The 3-ton central air conditioner LRA rating must be within 120A.

2. If you connect the DELTA Pro Ultra to PV system circuits installed on or in buildings, according to NEC regulation, the system shall include a rapid shutdown function to ensure the safety of operation and reduce shock hazard for emergency responders. If you wish to connect the DELTA Pro Ultra to PV system circuits, the consultation before purchase and the installation must be done by a qualified electrician or installer.

DELTA Pro Ultra Dimensions:

Inverter: 27.2 x 18.7 x 8.35 in

Smart Home Panel 2 Dimensions

SHP2: 24.8 x14.9 x 6.7 in
50 Amp Hub: 6.9 x 14.4 x 4.3 in

The cell chemistry is LFP and capacity is 6144Wh.

Cycle life: 3500 cycles to 80%+capacity

See the new Delta Pro Ultra Videos Unboxing and More below. This is an exciting new solar generator.

Ecoflow Delta Pro Ultra unboxing and informational video. This is what you can expect upon delivery of your new Delta Pro Ultra shipment.

This is a great introduction video of the Delta Pro Ultra. It includes charging information solar input and more. 

These are some key takeaways from this video:

  • 5 Add-on batteries can be stacked daisy chained to each Delta Pro Ultra to a max of 30KWH of battery backup.
  • The Max system for the Delta Pro Ultra is 3 Ecoflow Delta Pro Ultra units with 5 batteries each or 90KWH of battery backup,
  • The Smart Home Panel 2 will be available to connect seamlessly to the Delta Pro ultra and your circuit breaker. this acts as an automatic power transfer switch.
  • You can also connect the Delta Ultra via a 240V plug or a manual transfer switch.

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