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Mango Power E Portable Power Station & M-Socket Pro Bundle MPB01US1N005

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Bring Smart Green Energy Products Into Every Home, And Help Every Family Realize A Zero Carbon Emission Future.

This Mango Power E 240V Power Kit is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to be prepared for a power outage or other emergency.

This bundle includes two Mango Power E power stations, each with a capacity of 3.5kWh. It also includes the mSocket Pro, which is a smart outlet designed to combine the two Power E units to produce double the rated power, voltage, and capacity.

The Mango Power E mSocket Bundle is a must-have for anyone who wants to be prepared for power outages or other emergencies. It's a powerful, easy-to-use solution that can help you keep your home powered up, even when the grid goes down.

2 x Mango Power E Portable Power Station & M-Socket Pro

  • Meet 99% of Your Home and Portable Power Needs

  • With the Mango Power product line, create the power source that best suits your needs:

  • 14kWh Capacity, 6kW Output

  • To give your home the ultimate power solution, connect 2 expanded Mango Power E with 14 kWh of battery backup. You won't ever have to worry about power outages when this package is installed into your home circuit.

Power your Essential Appliances in the Event of a Power Outage

To run large power-hungry appliances like heaters, dryers, water pumps, and more, the Mango Power E may be converted into a high-powered split-phase generator with the mSocket Pro* accessory. By incorporating Mango Power's ecosystem into your home's circuit*, you can ensure that in the event of a blackout, you will have grid independence and power security for your lights, refrigerators, computers, and any other vital appliances you have plugged in.


Super fast charging: 80% in 1 hour

The Mango Power E utilizes the same extraordinarily robust LFP battery cells as the top EVs on the planet. Compared to other conventional NCA/NCM battery cells, these cells charge more quickly, hold a charge longer, and are more dependable. The Mango Power E then charges incredibly quickly, ranging from 0-80% charged in just 60 minutes, and can be powered in 5 different ways, individually or in any combination. When attached into an AC wall socket, the Mango Power E charges completely and fully in approximately 1.5 hours.


The Mango Power E is More than Just Power, It's Smart Power

You may control how your Mango Power E stores and uses its energy by using the Mango Power App. Aim to be more environmentally friendly, regulate charging speeds, or plan charging periods depending on shifting electricity prices. You can do it all from anywhere.


5-Year Warranty

The Mango Power E comes with a robust 5-year warranty for ease of mind. Even with up to five years of continuous use, charging, discharging, and recharging constantly, the Mango Power E's best-in-class battery cells will still perform as well as they did when brand new.


Capacity 3533Wh
AC Charging Input Max 3000W
Solar Charging Input Max 2000W (60V-150V)
AC Output 4 x 20A, 3000W total
EV Charging Spot Yes, adapter required
USB-A Output 6 x QC 3.0 24W
USB-C Output 1 x PD 65W + 1 x PD 100W
Car Power Output 12V / 10A
DC5521 Output 2x 12V / 5A
AC RV Port 30A
Battery Chemistry LFP
Cycle Span 6000 cycles to 70% capacity (@25 °C +0.5C/-0.5C)
Connection Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
Net Weight 100.1 lbs / 45.4kg
Dimensions 17.8*13.6*19.4 in / 45.2*34.5*49.4 cm

Mango Power M-Socket Pro Specifications

Output Voltage 120V/240V
Output Current

Max 30A

Mango Power E Portable Power Station 

  • 2 x Mango Power E Home Backup and Portable Power Station

  • 2 x AC Charging Cable

  • 2 x Solar Input Cable

  • 2 x Quick-Start Guide

  • 2 x Warranty Card

mSocket Pro

  • 1 x Mango Power mSocket Pro

  • 1 x E-Link Communication Cable

  • 1 x Quick-Start Guide

  • 1 x Warranty Card

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